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Astrology is an ancient art that extends WAY beyond your personal horoscopes. The movement and positions of celestial bodies can have a profound impact on your love life, work life, and everything in between! Understanding the patterns of the universe gives you the insight you need to navigate life.


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Acharya G S Rao
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"People should be benefitted by the experience and knowledge gained by qualified and learned astrologer"

- Acharya G S Rao
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Acharya G S Rao - The Best Astrologer Near Me

Embrace the wisdom of the stars and unlock the path to your destiny with Acharya G S Rao Astrologer, Bangalore's leading astrological guide. With over a decade of experience, Acharya G S Rao unravels the intricate patterns of the universe to illuminate your life's journey. Whether seeking guidance on personal growth, career advancement, or relationship harmony, Acharya G S Rao's expertise in Vedic astrology provides invaluable insights and personalized solutions. Harness the power of celestial energies to navigate life's challenges and embrace your true potential.

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Namaste sir, thanks for spending your valuable time in reviewing my astrology chakra n for your  valuable advises n remedies given to me last month. 

I have followed and got benefited. 

Thanks a lot. 


Mr. E V S N Murthy, Bangalore.

Acharya's predictions about my daughter education, employment and marriage are very accurate and true. 

Thank you very much Acharya.

Mr. PVN Murty, Secunderabad.

Good morning Acharya G S Rao Guru. With your kind Astrological guidance as well as predictions and remedies and suggestions by you, my family has turned to  limelight... I am really thank full to you.

Further may God bless you with happiness and wealth to do service to the mankind.

Mr. M Srinivas, Koraput (Odisha).

Great Service. 

Thank you very much.

Ms. Asmita, Bangalore
Reviews on Google

Narayana RaoNarayana Rao
13:00 18 Sep 22
I being an practising advocate in Bangalore I have previously consulted so many astrologers for my problems, but no one has exactly finding suitable solution for my problems, I was introduced to acharya GS Rao sir who has not only find out the solution for my problem but also has suggested best suitable remedy, I strongly recommend for his valuable service, any one can blindly visit for their problems. Thanks once again
Very soft spoken person, good knowledge in astrology. Gives good suggestions nice to meet him in my life.
Kiran MjpsKiran Mjps
15:15 21 Mar 21
G. S. Rao garu is a person with best knowledge in Vastu and Vedic Astrology. Spontaneous response for each problem, tries to solve on finger tips. He is very cool person I have ever seen and only one call away.
Kameswari PadmavatiKameswari Padmavati
13:30 01 Mar 21
Mr. G. S. Rao is very soft spoken person with loads of patience to understand the root of the issues facing by the individuals. He empathises and understand the situation. He also checks the criticality and provide proper solutions in Astrology and Vastu which are very easy and affordable. Any lay person can follow his instructions. He is very down to earth person. He is THE best astrologer in North Bangalore whom I met
Pawani MutturuPawani Mutturu
07:24 15 Feb 21
Mr. G S Rao is a well mannered person with good qualifications in the field of astrology. His predications are towards the positive side and the suggestions which he gives are easy to follow.
Kiran Venkata MutturuKiran Venkata Mutturu
06:51 15 Feb 21
He is very knowledgeable, cultured and experienced professional astrologer in Bangalore. His understanding of astrology is great. With his vast knowledge and numerous case studies, he is very successful in guiding his clients towards the right direction. he also offers realistic solutions to his clients which are affordable and effective. he can draw a clear map of a person`s life based on accurate birth details. Highly recommended astrologer in Chikkabanvara
PVN MurtyPVN Murty
15:38 14 Feb 21
Sri GS Rao garu is a very decent, well mannered person who will listen my problems with so much patience. His predictions are excellent and suggested remedies very simple and practical. Results are ausom. I will be happy to suggest his name to all of my friends, and other family members to take his advice to overcome present problems and to overcome future problems also. ???

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